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Tridandisvami Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaja’s AustralianTour

  • Murwillumbah 12th–20thFeb 2002
  • Brisbane 21-23Feb 2002
  • Cessnock 24-27Feb 2002

Dandavats Prabhus and Didis
Please accept our dandavat pranams. This is the 6th visit of Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaja to bless us in Murwillumbah. This has always proved to be one of the best stops on Srila Gurudeva’s world tours and we invite all of the vaisnavas to come so that we may have a chance to serve you. Gurudeva’s appearance day will be on the 12th of February – his arrival in Murwillumbah.

Festival Fees: 
You are coming as invited guests so that we may have a chance to serve you. There are no festival fees. The disciples are the foot dust of the Guru and no one should stay away and not hear Bhagavatam because they have no money.
Prasadam Fees:
Prasadam is the mercy of the Lord. At this festival there will be no one collecting money for distributing mercy. If you give a donation we will not see this as you paying any fees but you giving us your mercy.

All can be collected from the train and bus station in Murwillumbah by ringing 66727113 without prior notice. Most can be collected from Coolangata (15 min away) and Brisbane (90 min away) but it is best to give advance notice to avoid waiting.

Those satisfied with simple accommodation and suitable for a temple environment may stay very near to Gurudeva at the Brisbane Street Temple and next door as last year.
Those families with small children should contact us early so we can see how to best serve you.
Those wanting a quiet country setting and willing to travel 40 minutes to the programs may stay at the country retreat for free.
Those desiring luxury and ocean views may stay at one of the many near by resorts. Here you will find the scenery better than California and the prices less. But this is not the mood of the Goswamis so we encourage all to live simple and with the devotees.

The cost of this festival is $8000 for prasadam and hosting. Plus $10,000 for airfares that Brajanath Prabhu has asked for. It will be helpful if all the financial devotees, especially those on the East Coast of Australia (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne etc.) help meet this target. This is our festival we are the hosts. Ramanuja Acharya would not visit his wealthiest disciple because they only showed interest in serving him not his disciples. Instead he went to the poorest disciple because, even though it was beyond their means they desired to serve not only their Guru but also all of his disciples.

Two Giriraja Govardhana Gavdiya Math accounts are ready for direct deposit via internet from anywhere in the world or at any branch in Australia:
Prasadam and hosting ---- Commonwealth # 062580 2800 6912
Air Fares ----------------------- Commonwealth # 062580 1016 1113

Please notify [email protected]  (61 266797025) of donations so we can send you a receipt. Also checks can be made out to Giriraja Govardhana Gavdiya Math and posted to 56 Brisbane Street, Murwillumbah N.S.W. 2484.

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